Awesome Fire Jumps

You know it’s true…  you just finished slogging through an intense course, possibly questioning your life and why you decided to do something this crazy. Both mentally and physically pushed to your limits you don’t know how you can continue on; until you see the finish line and the fire jump, and it’s like that fire ignites that last little bit of willpower in you and you’re determined to finish like a rock star. After all, this is Spartan racing, and you gotta make sure you look awesome in those pictures you’re going to be posting for the world to see.


How do you jump over the fire? Do you go all out, and do something crazy, or are you just glad that its over and try and get over the last of your obstacles?





Post some of your best fire jumps and tell us



  1. Bo Bennett
    Bo Bennett

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    This is all I got… I wish the fire were bigger!!. No good ones on CT and my wife didn’t get there in time. I am hitting that mud pit with pride though, and maybe a bit of apprehension.