Challenge FAQ

Q: What is the Spartan 4 Life Challenge?

A: The Spartan 4 Life Challenge is 8 weeks of online life-changing potential, delivered in the form of rules pertaining to nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle    habits.

For following these rules (or not), you score (or lose :-P) points every day. Decisions are made by you daily, based on the rules we set forth regarding food      choices, fitness choices, and lifestyle choices.

Q: Why should I participate in this Challenge?

A: Because the mental image you want for yourself does not match the mental image you currently have of yourself. Because you are tired of being lethargic for no      real reason. Because you wish to be less stressed, more fit, slimmer, more flexible, and to challenge yourself physically and mentally.

Q: Who should participate in the Challenge?

A: Everyone :) From the couch potato to the elite athlete, everyone can gain something by participating. Anyone can be “fit”, be “eating well”, but do they have an    excellent sense of well-being? Maybe the elite athlete could tweak his or her food choices, and by doing so they shave a few more seconds or minutes off of        their Race time. Maybe the couch potato just needs some direction, some questions answered, to begin their fitness journey. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers,    IT guys, COO’s, coaches, writers, truck drivers, waitresses, PHD’s…you name it, they’ve participated and benefited!

Q: What are the Rules?

A: You begin by taking some initial measurements (Initial Measurements), and completing the Benchmark Workout (Challenge Info , and click on “Rules”).  Record these results, as we’ll be revisiting them at the end of the Challenge. Subscribe to a Challenge Level (Challenge Nutrition Levels). Record your points daily for: Food, Exercise, Burpees, Reflection, and Spartan Code.  In addition to the 5 Daily Categories, we will publish weekly Sub-Challenges worth points as well.


Q: What are the 5 Daily Categories?

A: Food – the types of food you are allowed to consume, based on your chosen Challenge Level.  You begin with 5 Food Points for the day.  Any violations result in           a 1 point loss, with your score being 0 for 5 violations. No negative scores here.

Exercise – you are required to exercise at least 20 minutes a day.  You begin with 1 Exercise point for the day.  Not exercising results in a 1 point loss.

Burpees – you are required to perform 50 burpees a day.  You begin with 1 point for Burpees per day.  Not completing your burpees results in a 1 point loss.

Reflection – during your daily recording of your points, there will be a Reflections box.  You are required to enter your thoughts on your journey so far,                       daily.  You begin with 1 Reflection point.  Failing to reflect results in a 1 point loss.

Spartan Code – you must execute one tenant of the Spartan Code daily.  You being with 1 Spartan Code point.  Failing to follow tenant for the week results in a                    1 point loss

 *Sub-Challenges – Each Sunday there will be a new sub-challenge posted.  These last for 1 week, unless indicated otherwise.  You start each day with 1 Sub-                          Challenge point.

A “perfect” day results in 10 points for the day, with a perfect week equaling 70 points


Q: What if I don’t want to give up beer/cheese/bread ?!?!?!

A: You don’t have to give up any of those, if you do not wish to do so.  I only ask that you be mindful of this choice.  But ask yourself “Is this really worth        losing a point over?”  I know from experience that better food choices result in better results!

As well, you have three different Challenge Levels to choose from:  Advanced, Intermediate, and Beginner (Nutrition Challenge Levels)

Need food ideas?  Use this as a guide: Food Choices Cheat Sheet

When choosing your Challenge Level, consider where you are in your fitness journey.  Maybe you have very little experience in the fitness and nutrition             realm…maybe you’ve just started to take interest in better food choices and lifestyle habits, even though you have a few Spartan Races under your belt?  Go       with Beginner.  You’ve got some sort of exercise regimen, and you “kind of” know how to make better food choices?  Shoot for Intermediate.  Are you, or have you    been, hardcore with your nutrition and training?  Do Advanced (if you know what’s good for you 😉 ).

Keep in mind this is a “Challenge”.  If you stick to what’s comfortable too often, you will not be as happy at the end of the 8 weeks as you could have been.


Q: You gonna help me with this?!

A: Absolutely!   Message me on this site, GroupMe, email, etc., anytime, for any clarifications, advice, hopes, fears, or what have you.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Join the “SPARTAN 4 LIFE CHALLENGE 000” group!  To continue participating, make sure you have your initial workout results and measurements in by MONDAY, APRIL    4th, 2016!